Friday, May 21, 2010


My mom loved giraffes. I saw an elegance in my mom that she probably didn't see. I think that is why this particular animal was attractive to her as it is elegance personified, except perhaps during its awkward water drinking position. Otherwise, its movements are fluid and beautiful, and appear to be in slow motion.

I came across this bead set and knew I just had to have it so that I could wear it in jewelry that would remind me of mom. The color orange is definitely NOT a color that looks good on me but Mom was a "winter" as far as color groups go, which means her skin tone and hair color could accept ANY color. She looked good in ANY color and the one that fascinated me the most....because very few people could get away with wearing it, like Mom.............was orange. So now you know this set was meant for me.

The one point Mom always looked for in art pieces of giraffes was that if it didn't have eyelashes it wasn't a true depiction as a giraffe's eyelashes are quite spectacular and make for a very important personality point for this animal...and you'll notice there are no eyelashes on the little murrini giraffe in the focal bead.

But, considering that bit of murrini is smaller than the tip of your pinky finger and has THAT much detail, I think Mom would have forgiven the artist, Zachary Jorgensen, in this one case.

I blended the matching beads with chunky Bali silver and black lampwork beads on a Greek leather cord, and finished it with a fabulous heart clasp for another show of love for Mom. It's heavy enough so that I always feel it when wearing it, reminding me the entire time that Mom is with me in a way and I love the fact that the focal bead is big enough to get a nice firm hold and rub it when I want to enjoy memories of Mom.

My wonderful, tough, stoic, sassy, graceful Mom.

I miss you, Mom. I love you, Mom, and I hold you just a little nearer to me when I wear this necklace.

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