Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Tick tock

Happy New Year!

Our friend stopped by on New Year's eve with a bottle of bubbly. We had a marvelous chat on history, mostly about British royal lineage.

This topped of our day of buying a new used car that we've long wanted and it was such a great deal and the salespeople were wonderful, not pushy at all. I mean, they wanted us to be happy, not pressured.

My husband had 10 days off which means I was on vacation also. It was really nice to not work with jewelry or business for a while. Our son left town for the second half of vacation, so we had a nice reminder of what our impending retirement days will be like...nice.

I picked up two projects during my is jewelry and bead related, the other is managing my son's future acting career. I have a lot to learn about both but am totally excited about them.

Now I have more to balance and have to focus on putting my awesome lampwork heart bead collection into jewelry for you in time for Valentine's Day.

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