Saturday, January 19, 2008

The cake spy

I just adore Cakespy. Jessie Oleson's blog about anything and everything cake and food related is simply fabulous. She writes with a sharp wit about her jaunts with her husband to seek out the latest and most unique food items wherever they travel.

She generously posts her discoveries on her blog
(like me on her January 15th entry), which has a double fold outcome: she dives into her passion for writing and the featured artists receive that all necessary item: exposure to the public!

Jessie's peek into the world out there provides a most ingenious insight for us sitting at home staring at our computer hoping for a bit of spice in our day. Cakespy provides just that.

If you love her blog, be sure to vote for Cakespy on the Blogger's choice award link found on her 1/12/08 blog entry.

And you've just GOT to see her sweet artwork at

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