Monday, June 28, 2010

Pull & Wool

I love the soft greens and pinks in this cupcake bead by Palm Tree Queen.  The size is great too so you get a nice little handful of cupcake to use on your hoodies, purses, tote bags, etc.  I have 2 others, one in chocolate and one in caramel.  

You can see the details HERE.  Other than that is hot here like anywhere else, but I keep thanking mother nature for NO big bugs and humidity that is nothing like it is in the southern states!  Finally, after 4 ridiculous "March summers" as I call them, we didn't get summer heat until....gee....SUMMER!

Good ole California.

I just got some wool and am trying my hand at felting...wet & needle.  I'm very excited about the wool in parisian colors of pink, black & white.  My first shape test will be hearts and I'll be sure to show you my progress.

1 comment:

Kelee Katillac said...

Too yummy Julie!

I wish I could just nibble it!

love, kelee

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