Friday, June 11, 2010

Another Cupcake Post


Okay, Blogger decided to change their format without any notice so I don't know how this post is going to look when I'm finished...irritating and strange.  Well, here is another surprise for you...2 more styles of polymer cupcake beads in a post earring.

I just love these little guys for their incredible detail, color and lightweight quality.  The colors on my monitor are spot on, so on that first photo, you should be seeing a lovely baby blue bead with 2 toned frosting and chocolate cake portion and outline.

You can see more details HERE. Now, I have yet another completely new cupcake item that I won't even get to until next week or the week after, but I guarantee it is fun and completely different than what I've had before.

So for now, have a great weekend and do something cupcake related to make it even better!

1 comment:

twizzy said...

...simply fantastic.. ;)

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