Saturday, June 12, 2010

Cool Idea on a Hot Day

Still getting used to the new blogger features..ugh...but here I am so it's not so bad.  It is incredibly hot here in the east bay of San Francisco today.  The very rare Santa Ana winds are blowing hard.  This is air that blows hot from east to west whereas most winds blow in from the ocean...west to east.  The Santa Ana canyon is in the desert wayyyy south of me down in the lower third of California, but we still call these winds Santa Ana's.

Here is my cool tip for this hot day that I got from some magazine.  After trying several methods to keep fresh basil...well...fresh, I finally found the right one.  Wrapping in paper towel and then into the grocery store plastic bag didn't work....standing the clipped ends in water in the fridge didn't work.

But this totally works!  Just keep the basil in the bag from the store but trap air inside before you tie it off.  That's IT!  And it works so well that the photos I'm showing you is basil that is over a week old...usually by this time there is some blackening but look how FRESH that is!  Amazing and so easy AND it worked on my parsley and cilantro as well.

The ONLY negative?  Finding a darned location in my fridge for this big air filled bag...dang!  That wasn't so easy but it was worth moving other goodies around so that I could have my bruschetta several days after buying the basil...

Yum yum.

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Anne - Fiona and Twig said...

Just wanted to pop over to say thank you for entering my giveaway!
You have a darling Etsy shop!

Have a wonderful Sunday!

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