Thursday, June 10, 2010

Cupcake Posts & Shipping Price Reduction

Okay, gang, here is the first cupcake surprise...sweet little post style earrings in polymer clay. How sweet are they? See more details HERE.

I am in awe of the artist because this work is done in a cane style. Although it looks hand painted, each amazing detail is one more layer of clay wrapped by another layer of clay...and another...and another until the final result is achieved. It's like wearing a little work of art! I can't imagine having the patience it must require.

These are especially nice because they are light as air and just perfect for women AND girls. I'm providing the standard sterling silver back as well as a soft rubber disc back for extra added comfort. I hope these were worth the wait...and there are more styles coming so stay tuned.

I just lowered my shipping prices. You'll no longer see the insurance included in my shipping, but orders to U.S. addresses will still include delivery confirmation. This takes the price down to $2.00...SOooo much better than before.


Sara said...

Son muy dulces y lo mejor es que se ven muy comodos. Feliz fin de semana.

RockerJewlz said...

Here is the translation for the Spanish comment above:

They are very sweet and the best is that they look very comfortable. Happy weekend.

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