Wednesday, August 15, 2007

It's all about Rainwater

You can see more awesome photos of the "Rainwater" focal on by visiting the "Currently in Production" page.

Payton Jett created kind of a soft explosion of color in this glass heart. It's so wonderful, I am keeping it for myself!

Well, car trouble kept me from visiting the Sonoma bead show...and it's my favorite one and is once a year. Maybe I would have spent too much money???

In the past few months I lost the thrill in my business and not much was happening because of it. I went back to basics and checked the lists I'd made, noticing that several important organizational steps had never been completed. I had steered off track from my basic plan by trying to follow lots of exciting ideas before I was properly prepared to carry them out.

So, I gathered my lists, put them in order and now those ideas are bringing energy and joy back to me as they ruminate in my head once again. It feels good!

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