Thursday, August 2, 2007

How cute is this heart???

I'm picking up heart beads as I find them figuring that before Valentine's Day there will be a mad rush and higher prices.

This one is by Dorrisbeads.

So it's back to basics time for me. Several business ideas I had when I began designing jewelry nearly a year ago were put by the wayside and now I see how necessary they are so I'm taking the time to implement them.

I'm not making much jewelry for autumn so this gives me the time I need to invest in properly setting my website high on the list during internet searches, getting my accounting in order and stop BUYING beads and use the ones I've had for quite a while!

This won't prohibit me from updating or this blog, however, so don't think I'm on hiatus by any means.

Here comes Autumn so keep enjoying summer days while we've got them.


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