Monday, February 22, 2010

Adventures with Clay

What do you think of my clay rosettes? I had SO much fun making them. These were my FIRST attempt! I love the color too. Clay rosettes aren't very available on Etsy since my favorite artist closed up due to a medical situation before Thanksgiving. So I thought, what the heck, why not try to make my own?

I also played with the cane technique to produce color inside of color. I did all the rolling by hand and got some "wonky" shapes and thicknesses. Uniformity did not happen. So on the next batch I'll be using my little pasta machine to get closer to perfection.

My intended round beads turned into a slightly triangular shape so I just went with that and squeezed them a little more to define the triangle and I like them. I DID end up with a few rounds though. Man, even cutting these must require a specific technique so I'll be checking out books for sure.

So, I got really brave and opened a clay bead shop on Etsy called.......ClayBeads....heehee. It was tough coming up with a username that HADN'T been taken. So I thought, okay, what do I want to do with this shop? Answer: sell clay beads. I typed "claybeads" out of curiosity and it was available, so there you have it!

I hope you come and visit me. Just click HERE!

1 comment:

Julianna Cannon said...

Those little blue roses are gorgemous! Congrats on opening the Etsy shop!

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