Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Deluxe Fantasies

Today's blog title has a double meaning. The first is for this spectacular cupcake bead which I turned into a pendant. It's nearly triple the size of most common cupcake beads and the cherry mahogany colors just take my breath away along with the attention to detail from the independent glass artisan.
It feels so good to hold this substantial piece.

Read more about the details HERE.

The second reason for this blog title is that my dad and his lovely new wife leave tomorrow for a honeymoon in England. They've exchanged their California home for 3 weeks and they hope to take a quick jaunt to Paris for a few days as well. Their return trip will be 6 nights aboard the QE2 (Queen Elizabeth II) cruise liner,
ending their journey with 3 nights in New York City.

When I saw this Madonnari chalk drawing of a ship, I just had to take a photo! You can see more fantastic chalk drawings in my previous post, "Travel Items". My dad was stationed on a ship in the navy during the Korean war, but has never "cruised" on a luxury ship.

And now to ALMOST finish up my little downtown tour with Dad when I was last there. Remember my post about the candy shoppe?. Well, Dad turned me onto this odd item above, Sen-Sen. He was so surprised they carried it. He commented this was the only "portable" breath freshener when he was growing up. I was fascinated by that, so I saved the official packet opening for my son. He came to me a few minutes later with a sour looking face, holding out a handful of incredibly tiny black squares. You could probably fit 25 of them on a dime! Our conversation went like this:

Me: "uh oh!".

Son: "tastes like frankincense & myrrh".

Me (not really wanting to taste THAT, but too curious NOT to!) "oh yuck, it tastes like I licked incense! soap!"

We both spit it out and discussed how what was left in our mouth was a hint of freshening possibility but not enough to ever put that in our mouths again!

Okay, DAD, maybe you totally scammed us, knowing about this horrid product and wanting to laugh after hearing we'd experienced its devilish qualities....right? Dad? DAD!!!! Oh crud, he's getting ready to LEAVE THE COUNTRY for a month....good move, DAD...perfect timing, DAD.

Man, are you ever gonna get it when YOU get back! Dirty rat.

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