Monday, September 21, 2009

Short & Sweet

I realize that when I prepare to write a blog, it can feel a bit daunting which keeps me writing often. Today it hit me that the reason was I would attempt to post lots of photos and discuss several topics. So, now my goal is to post shorter stories and fewer pics...we'll see if we get more bang for the buck.

I traveled to my Dad's to meet his fiancee (now his wife..woohoo!). I wanted to talk with him and spend time with her as well. I really like her, she's very comfortable to be with. The three of us drove through the apple farm canyon while crisp leaves fell from the trees. We sampled fresh picked apples and bought bags of them along with fresh, icy cider. Just minutes from there is the ocean and the cutest little village where Dad bought us iced coffee and chai tea which we enjoyed under an umbrella while watching small waves roll in.

One day my Dad and I toured about in his little black convertible (top down), checking out new spots downtown. One of my favorites was Powell's Sweet Shoppe.

It's not a big shoppe but it is packed with zillions of packages of candy. Nearly one entire wall is floor to ceiling Pez dispensers and refills. Just stepping in the door is a wonder: you see the entire shop from there with its high, tin ceiling and aisles and walls full of candy. Dad and I had such fun at "nostalgia row" oohing and aahing over candies we hadn't seen in years. It was all so overwhelming, I forgot to search for jujubes & jujyfruits which I used to love buying as a kid at the movie theatre. I bought a roll of Necco wafers and Dad got an O'Henry...which surprised me by tasting just like Snickers.

I'll tell you a little more later about that day, like the breath mints and the Italian chalk painting. I also have a bunch of cupcake pendants to put up on Etsy, so next time I come back I'll have photos of those too.

So, I will see you soon with another "short story".

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