Sunday, April 27, 2008

New studio & stickers

My new studio & cupcake & birdie stickers are the freshest things in my life.

These IKEA drawers took 2 weeks to assemble. Either someone was napping in the day here or sleeping at was really tough waiting for time to get to hammer the nails in, but it was all worth it.

Towards the end of the project I figured out a much quicker method of assembly so it was even more fun achieving the final result.

My table is in front of the fireplace so I integrated the mantle by stacking the boxes I had emptied into the new drawers so that they are now decoration and the entire area looks more cohesive.

So my newest shop additions to are cupcake & birdie stickers...I just LOVE them!

I got some great patterned sticker paper and they take on quite the personality, especially the birdies, which one friend has stated remind her of Cinderella birdies.

They are SO detailed. I'm really happy with this paper puncher. Now you can have bird & cupcakes in matching stickers AND confetti!


Marianna said...

oh my those birdies are just too cute! LOVE EM!
Your studio is looking fabulous! I love the new drawer system.

Union said...

Way too cute on the cuppie and birdy stickers. I love my confetti Joolz. Thanks so much!

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