Thursday, April 3, 2008

Golden Friends

My newest friend, Sandy, is so good to me. She's helping me improve and expand my Etsy business by sharing ideas of products and supplies, and I am deeply grateful.

To the left is one of her fun notions...lots and lots of stickers! You can see more of her very unique goodies at

I love this color and shape combination. It's so much fun for an amazing price, and it's all hand punched.

I've added more color combos of cupcake confetti to my shops as well as a textured cardstock in bright colors to play against the original smooth pastel paper.

Lastly, Marianna requested more photos of my Napa weekend. So here you see beautiful purple vincas at the base of a stand of cypress trees that line the walk down to the barn. The hills behind are part of the small valley. Neighbors are just far enough away to not intrude but close enough to signal for help if you need it!

Apple blossoms are next and then a new kite we flew, fresh out of the box.

Sorry I didn't have more landscape shots. They are saved on the computer in Napa and I forgot to take my flash drive to copy them.


Marianna said...

Gorgeous! both your new paper products AND your travel photos thanks for sharing! :)

RockerJewlz said...


Thanks for the MomsArt compliment. I'm glad you liked the extra photos.


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