Wednesday, February 6, 2008

My little angel

It's funny what we hold so dear. This little angel is my most prized Christmas ornament and it's funny how funky it truly is. My mom and dad gave each of us girls one in a different dress color in 1960, and the boys each got a different bird ornament.

This angel is made of thin cardboard and pipe cleaners, for heaven's sake, and the silver wings and halo seem to be silver painted resemble tin. It's an easily crushable item and now I can't even get the pipe cleaner edges white anymore...and I just love her more than any other possession I have! There is so much emotion wrapped up in this little lady and I don't even recall receiving it or any memory that must have made it so special.

On the cardboard bottom, in pencil, in my late mother's beautiful penmanship, is my name and the year...still clearly legible. It's got to be one of the oldest items I have other than my birth certificate and one very cool ceramic carousel flower vase from the baby shower given in my honor...that I should also photograph.

This little angel is wrapped in tissue paper and placed in a small box each year. How can such a simple, funky object mean so much???

What possession of yours affects you this way?

Valentine update: after being sick and having to pore over business papers in order to prepare for personal income tax, my heart designs have gotten away from me and now it's too late to even bother putting any up in time for Valentine's Day. Interestingly enough, the same thing happened prior to Christmas and I had more sales AFTER the holiday than perhaps it will be the same after Valentine's Day!


Anonymous said...


I loved this post. One of my all time faves!

Julie said...

Thanks, it was extra fun writing this one...more like a story than my other posts.

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