Friday, February 8, 2008

Cupcakes forever

Did you watch "Lipstick Jungle" last night? I LOVED that the fashion designer HAD to eat a cupcake when she was bummed...and to warm her heart, her man offered her one on a silver tray via his valet.

Ive been seeing cupcake "stuff" popping up everywhere but knowing this t.v. show reached millions of viewers, it just seemed to cement the necessity of cupcakes in our lives.

As stated in the film "Life is beautiful", "it is important to have the unnecessary". So true.

I just purchased a cupcake card for my niece whose birthday is next week and I just received a cupcake paper punch in the mail today! Since I'm having such difficulty finding cupcake paper and cupcake confetti, I'm going to make colored paper cupcake confetti to put up for sale on'll be awesome. I'll be including a few confetti cupcakes inside all the boxes of my cupcake jewelry I mail out...not so many that they spill madly onto the floor, but just a few to maintain the!

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