Friday, August 27, 2010

Fluffalicious Cupcakes

Hi Everyone. Sorry I've been mia lately, but I've been busy working my little cupcake world so it's all I have to tell YOU about it. So, how sweet is this cupcake truck? Literally! Fluffalicious debuted last week delivering fresh baked cupcakes to zillions of locations in the Albany (Colonie), New York area. You can stay posted via her Twitter account: @fluffycaketruck.

Tina found my cupcakes via Facebook and just had to have a signature cupcake bead...which my friend Lezlie happily torched from lampwork glass. Look at the big cupcake on Tina's it's a cupcake bead in a necklace! One of her fans even ordered the bead as a cell phone charm on a pink cord.

And now you can have one too since this Fluffalicious Signature Cupcake Bead is now available exclusively with RockerJewlz as a necklace, charm, zipper pull or cell phone charm.

In other news, I have components on their way to me for an entirely new style of cupcake bracelet...and I have polka dot cupcake jewelry on the way as well! So stick close as I'll be posting them soon.

Our little heat wave is gone from the San Francisco bay area now and we are do for a cold wet day tomorrow and then back to summer perfection. A bit of a roller coaster ride!

Thanks for sticking with me in my long absences between posts!

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