Thursday, January 7, 2010

It's in the bag

I got a new purse. And yes, the color is butterscotch. And I had so much fun finding it! Here's the story...
Just before Christmas, I bought a new wallet. A full size wallet where I don't have to fold my dollar bills...ahhhh, nice. Problem: it was just a little too big for my current purple purse that I love and for which always get compliments.

The purple purse only had one large compartment and a couple of little pockets...and it just wasn't working anymore so I was on the prowl for a new one. I thought, leather would be nice for a change, but all my past bags have looked like leather and I was still fine with that.

Now, I am always looking for a deal and clipping coupons, so off I Target, since I had to go there for other goodies...found mostly hobo bags which I didn't want....Penney's...just didn't have a style that I I went to TJ Maxx, Ross and Sears....hmmmm, no luck at my usual haunts.

I figured, well, it's time to step this up and hit Macy's, knowing full well I was going to have to spend more there. As soon as I entered the store at the accessories department, I thought, Man, was I ever in the right place! Beautiful bags, pretty styles and lots of them.

Problem: my little tests just weren't working, and the purses HAVE to pass the tests or they just aren't worth a darn to me. First test: does the shoulder strap actually STAY on my shoulder? Next, does it have more than one compartment? Does it have little pockets for lip products and a cell phone? Does my danged new wallet fit? Is it NOT black or brown? And baby oh baby, is it ON SALE??????

I hit every darned sale section I could find and nothing hit all these points. I got SO close with a fabulous turquoise bag, but the double straps just got in the way. Then, finally, there it was...a table that had, not 40% off like most of the others, not 25% off but 65% off! It was a huge, square table. I started on one side lifting, moving, digging; moved to the second side...nothing, the third side, and finally the fourth...and THERE it was. This yellow bag with a great shape and just enough embellishments. Yellow? Hmm... I own nothing yellow. I'm a pink, purple, blue wardrobe gal. But this yellow is a butterscotch tone, not bright, and it just looked right. And the interior is a circus of color stripes...what a bonus! My sis gasped when I told her later that it was some brand called Tignanello....I'd never heard of it, but she had and knew they were pricey (at least in our book). She also mentioned she has found more items on that sale table than in any of the other sale sections.

Testing, testing....shoulder strap stays on? Check. Multiple compartments and little pockets? Check. Check, check,! Down from $169, I got this baby for $59 AND I had forgotten to take my 15% off coupon from home, but I didn't care! It's all leather and worth every penny and I love it. And isn't that what it's all about? It's in the bag, baby, in the bag.

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Pretty Things said...

I always have trouble with shoulder straps staying on - I figured it was just my stupid shoulders!

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