Friday, November 13, 2009

Roses aren't always Red, and I am Blue

Hi Everyone, sorry about the long space between posts. I'm having a very "blue" week and trying my best to rise up out of it but it's a fight. I know I'll be fine soon, just gotta get over feeling some feelings...grrrrrr. Thanks to the Silver Parrot for your previous acknowledgement.

On the flip side, one of my favorite cupcakes is available again....the ones with roses on top! The artist is working less than usual and not taking custom requests, so this is a major score since it's been last year since I had any in this style.

I have one client who is choosing one or two of these and has first call, and I only have these seven cupcakes. Let me know if you want one in a pendant or necklace on an 18 inch sterling silver chain and I'll put you in line for what your heart desires!

These are not yet listed anywhere but here, so grab them quickly.

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