Sunday, August 2, 2009

Addiction or Obsession?

I am hooked on Facebook's game of Farm Town. I need to decide whether it's an addiction or an obsession. According to the dictionary, an addiction is "the state of being enslaved to something that is habit forming to such an extent that its cessation causes severe trauma". Obsession is "the dominance of one's thoughts or feelings by a persistent idea or image or desire.

Okay, so I feel almost enslaved by the dominance of my thoughts towards a desire to play farm town (as often as possible)....but if I didn't have it I would NOT be severely traumatized (as evidenced by my lack of computer access for 5 days during vacation).

Oh, lordy, I'm a mix of both!

All I know is, I love playing this game, advancing to the next level, becoming a "millionaire" and, well, the avatars are just so cute! I've never been one drawn to video games with the high level of detail to which you have to pay's always seemed overwhelming.

But farm town is just right for me....perfectly oriented for the type "A" personality that just wants a world where they are in comPLETE control...even if it is a little virtual online world....and THAT's where I get my satisfaction. Anyone ticks me off? I just delete the connection to them and they can't ever return. Anyone I hire to harvest my little crops sasses me? They are out! Not that these happens much, but just knowing I can send them into my form of oblivion is really quite satisfying....I say that with a wry grin on my face!

And the few close farmer friends I've made make me laugh, save crops for me to harvest so I can advance more quickly and just make our little virtual world that much more enjoyable.

So THIS is what those kids feel when they play their video games. NOW I get a game that was most likely created for we grandma/grandpa age ranges. Hee hee...

If you want to see what you think, will get you there. Maybe I can get YOU hooked!

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