Tuesday, April 17, 2007

If it's Tuesday, this must be Napa!

Greetings from "my studio" in Napa. Actually, I'm visiting family that lives in Napa, but since I can haul my jewelry cases anywhere, where ever I am, there is my studio.

It's like a mini resort here. I'm in a house with floor to ceiling windows which sits on a small knoll that is almost completed surrounded by vineyards...but the vineyards belong to a neighbor. We get to enjoy them without being responsible for them!

My first sale since launching my website was the sweet pink pair of "Cherry on Top" cupcake earrings. Yahoo!

The next few days will be spent creating more "perfume bottle" earrings, jewelry for you to purchase for Mother's Day and a variety of earrings for sale at the Lightning Joe's Guitar Heaven gift shop in Arroyo Grande, CA.

Stay busy and happy,


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