Wednesday, December 8, 2010

New Cupcake Line

Well hallelujah and hip hip hooray! The flat backed cupcake beads I've been BLABBING about for MONTHS are finally jewelry pieces! I'm showing you rings today that have a Victorian design on them that are just marvelous. They are adjustable, so you just can't go wrong with these. Only $15 HERE.

I mean, how cute are these? Rather elegant, I think. Can cute and elegant be contained in one product? How about a cute cupcake on an elegant silver ring base...yeah, that'll work!

I also have some of the beads in pendant form and I have loads more color combos coming in the next 2 weeks so that you'll have time to order them AND have them reach you before Christmas.

So, I'll see you in the shop and back here for pendant photos.

And HOW awesome is this snow falling across my blog page??? It's a new FREE service from, the gals who created that I use for that cupcake wallpaper you see on the sides of the posts....sweet!

You can even make requests that everyone can use if your idea is accepted. It is so much fun to create with them...and WAY easy too. I hope you give it a shot.

Happy Holidays,

1 comment:

Sara said...

Pero que hermosura!!! Genial.

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