Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A Leprechaun Birthday

Today is my husband's birthday. I doubt he is wearing green, but you never know. He works an early shift so going out to dinner can be kind of tough to coordinate in order to get him and my son, a night owl like me, to be hungry at the same time. So it was decided we would do something this weekend instead.

The good thing about my husband's birthday attitude is that he attempts to make every day such a good day that a special event like a birthday or anniversary has almost no meaning for him. He doesn't require specific dates on a calendar to decide if a day should be special or not. He looks at every day as special. Isn't that great?

Too bad he married such a romantic that DOES like those special days as reminders. Just goes to show you I could use a healthy attitude adjustment, but I don't think I'll ever reach his "par". I'll just enjoy the smiles I get from him every day and bask in that glow.

Happy Birthday,, make a wish!

Get your green on everyone...oh, you aren't wearing green today??? Pinch!

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