Friday, October 16, 2009

Punks & Hips

We have blessed cool weather here in the bay area after several days of extremely rare and very high humidity and hot weather. Not even the cool breeze provided relief. I've lived here for over 20 years and can only remember one other time this occurred but the air was still and that was just before the Loma Prieta earthquake that came a few months after we moved to the east side of the San Francisco bay area.

Well, no surprise, this time around the thick, heavy air came the day AFTER an earthquake in our area. Interesting twist.
Before I forget, this Tealight Glow Punk necklace just sold from my Etsy shop, but I wanted to show it to you because it is so pretty with its inner core creating a soft glow like a little tea light. I just love it. It worked surprisingly well with sterling silver.

Now, let's enjoy the first photo, which is the view of my dad's neighbor's yard when we were tucked away beneath Dad's liquid amber tree. So Dad I were chatting away under the shade of his liquid amber tree, when he mentioned munching on a rose hip. I said you can EAT them? I've not done that. Well he just happened to have a few on his rose bush so I plucked one and gosh, what a time we had with it. I was fascinated with its star shape and pretty autumn colors.

I took a breath, wondering what it would taste like and then nibbled. It was hard and crunchy, not bitter, and reminded me somewhat of a kumquat. It had a little bit of juice, but certainly wasn't an item of which you'd eat the entire thing but it was fun to try it. Here's what it looks like inside...

My husband is on vacation all next week which means I am too since I'm lucky enough to have my own jewelry design business here at home. Yay for self employment!

Now, before I go, I'm leaving you with one more photo and am wondering if anyone can guess what the item is. I'm sure many of you have seen it but might have rushed past it and not thought about it. I'm so "into" detail that I just had to stop and be in awe of it thinking about the hidden design of this beauty.

I'll divulge its secret next week.


Silver Parrot said...

I love that top picture with all the pink and green. Makes me want to go design something in those colors. And is the bottom picture a large roll of bubble wrap as viewed from above one end?

RockerJewlz said...

I know, you just can't beat pink & green. Glad it's inspiring you.

And no, that's not bubble wrap.

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