Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Now how did I know that???

I have an interesting story for you today. It's about my mom who passed away 7 years ago and also about the power of the subconscious. I've had some amazing experiences where I have had a moment of knowledge of an upcoming event where I was 100% positive it would occur and I was perfectly calm about it. The first time was when I knew, after 2 weeks of meeting my future husband, that without an ounce of doubt I would marry him...that he was the right one and would be the only one. I was 22 and had never had that feeling of confidence before. 32 years later, here we are still married, still working on it, and still laughing (more than EVER) and enjoying the life we chose to create.

I've had a few other moments of knowledge like this regarding huge life experiences but won't go into detail. And I'm like most anyone when it comes to intuition...half the time I ignore it, but I had a new kind of experience this past Monday, July 13th. Nothing special seemed to have happened that day, but as I went about my day at home I suddenly recalled the memory of how I found out my mom had cancer. How I had just left my house to go visit my sister, an hour away to the north, and was about to enter the onramp to the freeway, when my dad called on my cell phone to say Mom just had an operation and I should come down. Holy moly, I shot across the empty road and pulled into a parking lot so I could focus on this phone call!

Dad sounded so calm so I asked if it was serious and he said "no, but I talked with your sister and she'll come pick you up 'cuz you should come and see your mom". I asked, "okay Dad, she's not going to die or anything before we get there, is she?" He replied, "oh, no, no, nothing like that". Later he told me our family friend/priest had told him to keep it simple...since he had 7 of us kids to call!

Well, Sis and I knew something was up and that our life wasn't going to be the same after this visit...sure enough when we got to the hospital, the entire family was there, the mood was solemn and Mom told us she had pancreatic cancer. Her mood was actually good and rather jovia,l really. Of course our typical questions were "can't they operate"...well, yes, but it won't add much time....and, "how long do you have".....5 months. Her response to that was that she didn't have to visit the dentist ever again (6 month visits)...silly mom.

Well,I could go on, but I won't. Now, back to the present, here is what is interesting about Monday. The day after I recalled this memory I was telling my husband I was surprised at having it and that nothing seemed to have triggered it. As we talked I remembered that we found out about Mom's situation 7 years ago right after my parents 50th anniversary which was the end of we must have been told about her cancer in July.

I pulled out my journal, looked through July 2002 and oh my gosh.....July 13th, the day I had the memory, was the exact anniversary date of when she told us her news. Now, I remember several definite dates about much of her situation...I can never forget the date she died, or the date I woke up scared and nervous and knowing she was going to die very soon (this happened the morning before her final day) and I can't ever forget the last time she spoke to me over the phone, saying she loved me.

But never, in the past 7 years, have I ever been aware of July 13th. The memory of the day, yes, but never the date. And here was my subconscious reliving the day ON the day itself. That's amazing to me the brain can rearrange its thinking to pull this very "file" on this very day to provide me with this particular memory.

Well, now you KNOW that July 13th is now burned into my brain like the other dates that are ingrained there. I wish it wasn't but there it is.

I would love to hear about your experiences of occurences like this...tell me YOUR story, won't you?


Nicole said...

HEY GIRLIE! Thank you for sharing your story about your mom, it really touched me.

Honestly, I think that it wasn't your brain remembering or recalling. I think it was your mom whispering in your ear, don't you? I think that we are always surrounded by those who have passed before us, and sometimes they do things to let us know they are there.

As for my story, My Poppy, (my mom's dad) died years ago, maybe 12 or so. I don't know the date. But after I got remarried 8 years ago, I kept having this strange thing happen.

I would take a shower and after I finished using my washcloth, I would ring it out and place it over the top of the shower rod. Day in and Day out, that washcloth kept dropping back inside the shower. I would ring it out and place it up there on the rod perfectly even, but still it would drop back INTO the shower. It never fell OUT onto the bathroom floor. It always fell INSIDE.

Now you would think that I was hitting the shower curtain where it would slowly slip down the rod and end up inside the shower. WELL, this bathroom didn't have a shower rod. It had those sliding glass doors; WHICH by the way I never HIT with my arms or body.

Finally one day, this got me thinking.... WHY is this happening? Could this actually be a SPIRIT of someone from my past? Then suddenly I thought, "Poppy!". He was just that sort of funny guy that would do something like that.

The next day when it happened again, I just said out loud, "OK, POPPY, I know it's YOU!"...

And do you know what? It NEVER EVER has happened again. What are the odds? I mean, come on, it happened for weeks, maybe even months! And now to this day it hasn't occurred!

I am like you, I can predict with amazing accuracy. Sometimes it is for good times, sometimes sad, or even BAD, but honestly I don't mind it. It kind of makes me have a sense of "preparedness".

Sorry fot the novel-long-post!
Blessings to you! Nicole

Bella Sinclair said...

Dear Julie,

What an amazing story. I'm hoping that Nicole's explanation is true, and we are visited by the people we love who have left before us. Wouldn't that be nice.

Thank you so much for your beautiful and heartfelt message to me earlier this summer. There was so much strength and warmth in your words, and it brought me great comfort and healing. Thank you for your friendship.


RockerJewlz said...


Sounds logical to me. It's just too perfect to NOT be him!

Bella, I'm so glad you felt what I was trying to convey. I don't think you really know how deeply you touch us all with what you call "my doodles". Your art is very important to us.

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