Monday, June 8, 2009

Spring Special: Under Protection of the Butterfly

2 items today: The Spring Special is the pendant you see below, and I also just released this one of a kind polymer clay bead bracelet named the Stardust Hummingbird which you'll see by visiting me HERE.

Yay, my next Spring Special is finally here...ya know, beFORE spring is over! Interesting experience with this pendant. I was attempting a necklace with some clay hummingbird beads over several days. The colors worked beautifully but I absolutely could NOT get the layout correct. Finally I just started playing with these charms and I love how they worked together, so it's the "Under protection of the Butterfly" pendant that is now available.
When hanging, the 3 featured charms hang straight with the center enameled butterfly just slightly off center to give it character (see below). I love it's gently puffed baby blue & sea foam green sections. Note the crystal at its center. The enameled bird house is fabulously detailed and although there is no bird here, I feel like the 2 butterflies are protecting the house so the birds that inhabit it will feel safe. And yes, there are 3 tiny red hearts there.

Believe it or not the top butterfly is a plastic button. I love the detail grooved into it. The actual size of this button is one inch high, so the actual size of this pendant is only about 1/3 smaller than the photo below. You can slide it onto just about any cord, chain or ribbon you have and it's specially priced at only $15 plus $2 shipping....first serious buyer to email me HERE gets it! UPDATE: pendant is now available in my SHOP.

I'm working on a summer special now so be thinking "sand & buckets" when you come back!

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