Friday, March 27, 2009

One Week Countdown for My First Cupcake Giveaway

Only one week and one day left to enter My First Cupcake Giveaway! where you could be the grand prize winner of the delicious Rosebud Cupcake Pendant you see in 2nd photo. One week from Sunday 3 prize winners will be announced and it is SO easy to enter and there are up to 22 entries possible per person.

I introduce to you today, The Bunny Queen Pendant. Awesome lampwork glass work here resulted in the softest, sweetest tones of milk white & pink. Look at the pink blush of the ears, lips & cheeks and the ruffles atop the matching basket...just beautiful. Available in my ETSY shop.

Last month during our final rainy weather I visited my Godson's family in Napa. The very quiet Suisun (suss-soon) Valley was bursting with wild mustard. There were huge carpets of it covering hundreds of acres in several area. It was just amazing and the overcast weather seemed to intensify its vivid color.

Here are a few shots of some of those amazing spots...the Suisun Valley guidepost....the construction of a huge house above a creek and a row of sturdy oaks.

I kept pulling over and leaping out of my car with joy at these sights and was so glad that for ONCE I actually HAD my camera with me..haha.

My jasmine is also bursting...out of its buds and I feel so good when I water and mist them each day. I keep waiting for their pungent aroma to fill the night air as that's when they release the most fragrance.

It's a beautiful day today in the bay area so I think I'll just sit in the front patio and soak up some sun.

See you Sunday at noon!


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