Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Lazy, hazy days of Summer

A touch of Christmas for you even though our weather here in northern California is very much like summer. While my friend in Illinois was cozy in her slippers, I was in my bare feet!

We had such miserable batches of heat this summer and now we are being rewarded with the most perfect weather. I took my walk yesterday at 3:30 in the afternoon and the sun was still warm and the air was still. Just incredible in the middle of November.

A section of the condos we live in have been getting new roofing. When the company quoted they could start in early November I expected months of these condos with plastic sheeting in the midst of
rain. But the project is nearly complete with not a raindrop in sight. Sadly, this all is a reminder of the water situation over here as well. Lakes have been dangerously low for a few years now.

Today I have photos of some fun Christmas items from my MomsArt shop on Etsy: a delicate clear glass ornament filled with the most amazing handcrafted origami "lucky stars". I purchased the stars on Etsy and they are each so perfect. I

cannot imagine my fingers being able to craft such teeny perfections. They are bright and shiny in jewel tones. I also punched some Christmas tree stickers from my favorite and most popular "Paris Chic" paper. The pinks, blacks and whites are so pretty and there are 5 patterns that make the set a whole lot of fun.

Lastly, no more jewelry consignment for me. I don't enjoy the pricing structure, so I have in my hands a necklace that is so pretty in black and white (left). Thanks to Lezlie Belanger, it's got a big handcrafted round focal bead topped by a tube with delicate white swirls, all suspended from a black silk ribbon. Available at

My birthday is the day before Thanksgiving this year which is already next! We will probably go to Kincaid's in Burlingame, a wonderful restaurant across the bay from the SFO airport where we can see jumbo jets arrive and depart but don't hear them. They have the most scrumptious food and elegant atmosphere. Then we are off to be with my in-laws.

My wish for you is that no matter the situation in your lives that you are thankful for whatever good you have.

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