Tuesday, August 19, 2008

My 100th post!

Yay, I'm posting less than a week since my previous entry! Made that a goal to keep you all entertained and so far so good. And my reward is that this is my 100th post. Now that's a good omen. I added a visitor counter on July 4th. You can see it at the very bottom of the blog page and in 45 days I've had 187 visitors...not a lot, but I'm just glad people are coming.

Custom bead news following this story:

My husband and I were able to spend a 3 day weekend in Napa with our godson (photo at left of neighborhood cafe) who is two and a half and talking up a storm. He understands concepts now so his reactions and humor are absolute entertainment. A sweet and happy soul with a smile always at the ready along with kisses and hugs upon request!

Sis and her husband were out of town for the
historic car races in Monterey...are you aware of these races? Old, old cars built for racing long ago are maintained (with large wads of cash, no doubt) for racing condition! Wouldn't it be something to see them whipping around the track? Sis takes their camper and hunkers down for 2 nights right at the!

Must be great, but what me and my husband needed was peace and quiet and that's what we got in the midst of huge oak trees surrounding house and pool just above a small vineyard surrounded by hills. Wow was it ever quiet. We did a little snoozing, lots of laughing, and slowly, slowly got our godson to swim.

It was wonderful that he trusted me enough to rest his body on just one of my arms while he flailed feet and legs to catch the big rubber ducky.
What a bold one...of course, it took about an hour to go from just feet in the pool and refusals to step down to lower steps to full on swimming...but he got there. One final grab by me when he looked very confident and he let out one big scream....and then had a blast.

On the jewelry front I'm having a couple of spectular custom lampwork glass beads designed as pendants...won't tell you by whom yet as I don't want to create any pressure, but one is a harlequin mask...white face, teardrops from the eyes and an elaborate wavy collar in black and red...nice!

I was also inspired to request a hot air balloon bead after seeing the big balloon upon which Sarah Brightman sang in the Olympic opening ceremony. The balloon bead will be golden yellow with blue Kronos glass as the basket...and you'll seem some Kronos spikes on the balloon as well. Remind to show them to you after I receive them in a few weeks.

I've been reminded that the glass birds (photo above) from the Green Glass Cafe are big sellers in jewelry so I will be working on those designs this week...birdie pendants...yum! The bird pictured here is one of several different styles and color combinations I have.

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Marianna said...

Happy 100th post!!!!
I awarded you with a Brillante Weblog Award today on my blog ;)

Those bird beads are GORGEOUS!

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