Thursday, June 12, 2008


I'm so excited...I received my first consignment check for half of the jewelry I sent to a Manhattan salon & gallery. It was a total surprise to receive it in the mail...and it was $7 less than the external hard drive I was just leaving the house to buy to house all my business computer backups...perfect!

Last year I designed this first business card you see. It was a blast using to totally design my own business card, from photos, to fonts to colors. Every detail was chosen by me...and man, I went back

soooo many times between possibilities and loved every hour...I mean, minute of it! Since I've focused so heavily on cupcake jewelry (and confetti & stickers) I thought for the new batch, I'd get some of my cupcake photos on the new cards. these are my Buttercream cupcake earrings.

This time I have cupcakes on the front for RockerJewlz jewelry and a pink handpunched sticker on the back for my paper goods shop, MomsArt on Etsy.

So much fun. I also discovered how simple it is to ship
via Paypal from my computer.

It's WONderful not having to drive up to the post office now. It's only a couple of miles, but hey, that's 45 cents each trip whereas I can now just walk down the street and drop my package in the post office box.

I'm working on a few more sets for the salon/gallery that will include summery pieces as well as some experimental pieces with Lezlie Belanger's amazing black & white beads I've been playing with.

I'm going to be toying with wirelace, hand dyes silk ribbon and charms to do what I've had in my head a long time but wasn't challenging myself to try.


Marianna said...

I LOVE your new business cards! terrific! I'm going to have to check iprint out, it sounds cool!

PS. Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum series and why you should give it a go: All the books in the series thus far can be described as laugh out loud hilarious, adventure filled, page turners with unforgettable characters and two hunky recurring characters =) I get them from the library and only recently have been trying to buy and collect all of them because I have read and reread them several times so I think it would be great to have them all but I don't have any of the first ones otherwise I'd love to send them your way! If you do start reading them and love them let me know when you get to 11, 12, 13 and the new 14 because I have those so far :)

Marianna said...

Is it hard to set up the external harddrive, I need to save up for one because my stomach flip flops at the thought of losing all of my business data and pictures :( I definitly need to bump it up on my priority list for sure.

RockerJewlz said...

With returning hunks, that's enough of a draw right there!

I haven't connected the hard drive yet...better hurry up! It's supposedly plug & play and comes with a disk, so it probably will only take a few minutes.

I've read TOO many beaders say their computers crashed and they lost everything!

Zizzi said...

I love your new businesscard to! And also I love cupcakes! There is no store in stockholm for cupcakes. And we don't have any fun-jewelery, like the cupcake earrings and so on. Its a shame, because I would buy everything!

RockerJewlz said...


Thank you for commenting on my Rockin' News blog. I don't have a cupcake shop nearby either which is probably good because they aren't cheap and I'd eat too many!

I like that I can wear cupcake can too! I ship internationally and you can find my jewelry at

I'm glad you found my blog and commented...not everyone does so I never know if anyone is reading it unless I get comments.


Dianna said...

LoVe the cupcakes*!*
Too too too stinking cute :)

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