Friday, May 30, 2008

Out of this world

I was so happy to work with these beads again.

I've had the earrings in my shop inventory for quite a while and just love them. They were purchased this week with a request for a matching pendant which is shown here in the center...not quite finished.

I couldn't figure out why no one was buying them and thought perhaps it was because mostly cupcake lovers visit my Etsy shop.

The customer told me she loves wearing really unique jewelry to work as everyone comments on it...and that's why she wanted this set. It was a long wait for these to be snapped up but it sounds like they were waiting for JUST the right person to appreciate them. It's good to know that my work is a stand out.

I ordered a bunch of various bails so I can make more pendants and necklaces, so if you need anything in particular, let me know.

1 comment:

Marianna said...

those are so cool! and the colors are just divine!

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