Sunday, July 1, 2007


I know, I know, you've been wondering where the heck I've been! Busy is all I can say, but a good busy. I've been enjoying traveling more to see family which is always good.

But mainly there is an evolution happening within me. My jewelry style is growing and changing into more glamorous pieces so that opens the question "where is the market" for it. A whole new challenge there. Plus since I'm venturing into retail stores, the calculation of price points is completely different than selling via my website so I'm figuring all that out.

And I haven't even touched winery tasting rooms yet...I need to clone myself to handle all this! More ideas takes more organization and planning and time to carry out. I'm not complaining though, just rather overwhelmed...but it's a joyous reason to be overwhelmed as it means my brain isn't freezing's moving ahead and figuring it all out.

The most intriguing development is the desire to venture into more areas like ornaments and small home decorations which means more mediums...I keep thinking of using feathers and tassles....hmmmmmm. Stay tuned for the results!

I'm glad for a big break from all this brain activity next week when I get to babysit my marvelous nephew where my biggest joy will be watching how his 18 month old brain progressively masters techniques of playing and learning....on his own! He's just fascinated with learning something new and then he heading right into repeating it until it becomes natural and easy. He's a self motivator at this age...awesome!

Stick with me and keep checking up on what I'm doing,


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Payton said...

Miss Joolz- The site looks great and I really like where you are "evolving" to. It's really cool to watch you on your new journey. I'll be back to check in on you :)

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